Slogans and Taglines

Slogans and TaglinesSlogans and Tag Lines help your customer remember what you do.

My favorites:

  • “Our donuts are baked fresh”
  • “Our coffee is brewed fresh”

Really? I mean, Really? How do you bake a day-old donut? How do you brew stale coffee? As soon as it’s done baking or brewing, it’s fresh and new! That doesn’t mean you can’t bake a lousy donut or brew the worst pot of coffee known to man. But I don’t think you’ll ever see:

  • “Our donuts taste lousy, BUT THEY’RE FRESH!”
  • “Our coffee — Brewed Fresh…tastes stale…did we mention, it’s BREWED FRESH!”
  • And don’t try: “Our coffee and donuts are so fresh, you’ll want to slap them!”

Don’t tell me the obvious, tell me something that makes me think. Don’t tell me you care or that you provide quality, professional service. Doesn’t everyone tout that? You don’t see someone saying they do amateurish work or that they do almost quality work…but more than likely, only good work. So don’t tell me how professional or caring your staff is. Do tell me:

  • We clean homes on your schedule
  • We’ll pick up, repair and deliver your car back to where you work
  • Licensed • Insured • Bonded
  • Family owned since 1985
  • FREE Estimates
  • We can fix most computer problems remotely

So the next time I get my coffee, you can be sure I’ll patronize the shop whose slogan reads:
“We brew our coffee every 30 minutes — so it’s always fresh for you”


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  1. My old stale favorite is “quality, service and selection”. Completely generic, basically uninformative and pretty much useless.

  2. Sounds like you and I feed the same Pet Peeves! Literally just saw a poster in a shop this morning: “Freshly Brewed Coffee” – not making that up. Had to take a picture!

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