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Website Analytics

Website AnalyticsWhat can Website Analytics do for you?

  • Would you like to know how many visitors you get every Day? Week? Month?
  • How about comparing that to the same previous time period?
  • Of all those visits, how many are repeats and how many are unique/new?
  • What pages are the most popular and least popular?
  • You just sent out an eNewsletter which had links back to specific web pages, wouldn’t it be great to see the increase in page visits you had because of that?
  • How are folks finding your site? Google, Yahoo, direct links from other websites?

There are hundreds of data points you can look at and easily get overwhelmed. So create a custom report that provides the basic marketing tools to help keep your website up-to-date and letting you know what needs to be modified.

But your time is already at a premium. And how difficult is it to log into your analytics, fill in all the specific search fields and then save the report to look over at a later time? You can set it up so you’ll automatically receive the previous week’s analytics in a simple to read PDF, every week. And if you have someone doing that for you, there should be no charge. You’re looking at only a few minutes to create the report since they should have already coded your individual web pages.

From the easy to understand graph to the column report ranging from the most visited on down, you can quickly see how your website is doing.

Here are a few other marketing tricks to take advantage of this great tool:

  • EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail): The next time you develop a direct mail campaign, setup a new webpage that is only known through the mailer (post the domain URL as well as create a QR code). Of course this page should offer the visitor more information, a coupon, entry into a contest, etc. A few days after the mailer goes out, access your analytics to see how many visits you had just to that page. And remember, they only knew about that from your mail campaign!
  • Trade Shows: How about creating a unique page on your website where visitors to the show can access so they may enter a contest and receive a show only discount. Afterwards, check the analytics to see how many visitors you had. And on top of that, surely they’ll want to visit your other web pages!
  • Local Advertising: Do you place ads in different newspapers, local township newsletters, bulletins, etc? You should easily be able to create clones of your website’s home page – one for each ad placement – and place that specific QR code into the graphic. This way, when you check your analytics you’ll be able to tell which ad from which publication got you the most visits! Now you have a better idea where to spend your marketing dollars!

As you can see, there are countless ways to analyze your weekly reports. Look at the trends, what products and services are getting more popular (and less popular), what new services are worth trying out with ease of follow up and what works to get more visits to your site and what doesn’t?

Oh, one more thing. If you plan on incorporating Search Engine Optimization, these reports are a must!

Now go ahead and use this marketing tool to get more business and go beyond your competition!

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