Welcome to Peregrine University

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It’s all about the Marketing…It’s all about You!
Peregrine University was created to provide you with over 50 years of combined knowledge and working experience to help any business starting up or looking to revamp an existing one. Stay tuned and learn about:
• What’s in a Business Name
• How should your logo be created and designed
• Why Business Cards are a great advertising tool
• The ‘Build it and they will come’ syndrome
• And so much more in Marketing & Advertising

Peregrine Associates was born on January 1, 1987

  • Barbara brings with her over 25 years as the Director of Marketing for a large long term care facility and advertising agency — so her experience is from the side of establishing a clients’ needs.
  • Robert offers over 25 years as the founder of Peregrine with experience in production, creative, design and layout of all types of advertising media.

Experts vs. Experience

We don’t claim to be experts in Marketing & Advertising. What we do offer is over 50 years working experience on both sides of the table. So what’s the difference?

Think about it this way, if you were to put 10 marketing ‘experts’ in the same room and they all listened to your needs, more than likely, you’d receive 10 totally different marketing plans. Are nine of them wrong? Of course not! Some may be way out in left or right field, with the balance closer to the middle. What you’re buying into is how comfortable are you with their personality and experience? Have they worked in printing, web design, promotional products, embroidery, screen printing, production, creative and design, photography and more? All of that helps in creating every piece of advertising you need.

From the nest…

Peregrine Associates started as an Ad Specialty provider. Our slogan at the time was: “We’re more than just Pens, Mugs, Magnets and T-shirts”. From those humble beginnings, our clients started asking french curveus to put their logo onto promotional products, so our Graphics Design department was born. And, this was before Apple computers and Desktop Publishing (DTP) software. We’re going back to the days of french curves, professional light tables (my first one was the window in my office — yes, picture driving by and seeing someone taping overlays on their window!!!), glue sticks, exacto blades and non-repro blue pencils!

Eventually, our first Mac arrived, an original SE with a whopping 4MB of ram and 20MB of hard drive and a floppy drive to boot! We were on our way! Since then, we’ve graduated to the latest in Mac computers and graphics software — using three of the top rated programs for just about every layout we do!

There’s a two pronged approach for our clients. First, we put ourselves in your shoes, learning what you want and what you need. From there, we work with you to produce all the media that will marketing your Business, Your Services and Your People.

It’s all about the Marketing…It’s all about You!


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