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Build It and They Will Come…NOT!

build itBuild a website and they will come.
No, not really…

I can’t tell you how many times people have the misconception that once they have their very own website up and running, thousands of folks will flock to it! Imagine the look in our clients’ eyes when you give them their analytic report and they have a reality check. Believe me, it’s not disappointment in their eyes you see when they turn to look at you!

For real, I call this the “Field of Dreams” syndrome. You know the movie, where Kevin Costner hears a voice to tell him to build a baseball park in his farm field. And if ‘he builds it, they will come’. Yup, they will come…But really, there be a lot of mighty powerful marketing going on here…above and beyond the natural world of the greatest marketing agents in the mortal universe. Think about it. Who is it exactly telling Mr. Costner to build the stadium? So who is it telling all the heavenly baseball players to head on down and play ball! It’s a given it’s going to work, don’t ya think? AND, with a voice like James Earl Jones, it’s a grand slam!

But that’s the movies and this is real life. Imagine how many websites, around the world, go live every day. By one estimate, there are over a billion new pages added every day! And if you’re not doing your due diligence in having what I call real & true Search Engine Optimization done (SEO for those that like buzz words), then you’re at the mercy of the spiders that are sent out by search engines like Google and Yahoo, hoping that they’ll find your site before the other thousands that went live at the same time. After a great deal of research do you have:

  • Proper key words programmed in the correct spot on every page?
  • A page description written and placed in the html coding so the spiders will deliver that package back to the search engine databases?
  • Content on your webpages properly written to match up with the key words and are happily consumed by those little arachnoids?

If you do get folks to visit your website, do they like it? How does it compare to your competition? Is it template based? Does it look template based? Does it use technology (like FLASH) that can’t be seen on iOS devices (including all those iPads) or on browsers where folks have turned off Flash for security purposes? Is it easy to navigate? Does it tell a story? Do clients know what you do? I could go on and on.

You may build the best looking, easiest to navigate, most enjoyable web experience out there. But unless you personally know James Earl Jones, you might want to consider advertising.

Don’t keep your website a secret! Go tell the world!!!

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